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Attorney John B. Morgan, Esq.
Mayor of Orlando's Shadow Government 

Orlando Attorney John B. Morgan concedes 2014 link between Crist, medical-pot initiative

Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan, who's spent more than $7.5 million of his and his law firm's money trying to pass a constitutional amendment to broadly legalize medical marijuana, made a confession of sorts this week at the nation's largest pot trade show.

Morgan's proposal, which narrowly failed in 2014 to capture the 60 percent approval required for constitutional amendments to pass in Florida, will be back before voters in November.

Two years ago, Morgan repeatedly brushed off questions about a possible connection between the pot proposal and one of his employees -- former Florida Republican Gov. Charlie Crist Charlie, who was to try to return to the governor's mansion as a Democrat. At the time, Morgan refused to say whether the presence of the pot amendment would boost Crist's chances for an election win.
But during a speech Tuesday at the Marijuana Business Daily semi-annual trade show at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Kissimmee, Morgan admitted he maybe wasn't telling the whole truth back then.
"The last time I got into this thing, I got into it before Charlie Crist, a lawyer in my firm, started running for governor," Morgan said. "I will confess that, once I got into it, there was a benefit to having this on the ballot at the same time that a member of my law firm was running for governor of the state of Florida."
“I confess that now,” Morgan said, calling out a News Service of Florida reporter by name.
Morgan, a major Democratic fundraiser, quickly backpedaled from his apparent truth telling, however.
“I didn't really lie. What I did was, I said this could be two-for-one, because I started my marijuana deal before Charlie got in the race. … That's the truth. I got real fired up about it because I thought, hey, we could get marijuana and Charlie. So that really motivated me,” Morgan said.

In the end, the marijuana proposal and Crist fell short, with Republican Gov. Rick Scott winning a second term.
Crist, who still works for Morgan and is running for an open Pinellas County congressional seat this year, smiled when told of his boss' comments.
"I tried to be helpful, and was delighted to be helpful to the degree that I could," Crist said Thursday.

Source: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/politics/political-pulse/os-morgan-concedes-2014-liink-between-crist-medical-pot-initiative-20160512-story.html

An Open Letter to Attorney John Morgan, Esq.

Ezell Harris, Director

Floridians Monitoring Law Enforcement (FMLE)

P.O. Box 555072

Orlando, FL 32855-5072

May 19, 2015

John Morgan, Esq

Morgan & Morgan Law Firm

20 N. Orange Avenue, Suite 1600

Orlando, FL 32801

RE: Your Firm’s Representation of the Family of Lamar Hawkins, III

Dear Mr. Morgan:

Respectfully sir, by no means is the content of this letter to be construed as threatening or disrespectful. But it is meant to accurately inform you how many of us in the Greater Orlando area personally feel about your law firm and your politics, especially in light of your firm’s representation of the family of 14-year-old Lamar Hawkins, III, who brought his father's handgun to Greenwood Lakes Middle School and committed suicide in one of the boys' restrooms.

But before I address Lamar Hawkins’ death, I speak for many in the community that you have done a dis-service to the state of Florida by pushing for the legalization of marijuana and supporting a reprobate like Charlie Crist for governor; a man when asked by Tom Dyer of www.watermarkonline.com why he switched his position on gay marriage said:

“I was a Republican. You know why I was a Republican? Because my mom and dad were Republicans...It’s the same reason I’m a Methodist. So I grew up as a Republican. I joined the Young Republicans, College Republicans… all that stuff. And as I got older I got interested in politics, and I ran for office as a Republican and I tried to be a good team player. But it was an awkward fit, and on social issues it was especially awkward...And it became harder and harder for me to toe the Republican party line. I tried, and I tried, and I tried… until I couldn’t any more.”  

Mr. Morgan, for you to support a spineless man who would even throw his own parents under the bus for political gain, I find this to be morally reprehensible. Simply stated, shameless!

From that standpoint, I was more than eager to vote NO on Amendment 2, Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative, and I voted for Rick Scott as the ‘lesser of two evils’ for governor.

Mr. Morgan, with the results of the last election, your reputation “For the People” took a blow. Florida Democrats can’t trust your judgment. Many of us folks in Central Florida being inundated with your onslaught of advertisements do not believe that you are “For the People” and never was. Now some are jokingly saying: “Attorney John Morgan is “For the Pot” or “For His Pockets.”’

But it is your inexcusable drunken tirade that was forever captured on video that without doubt shows the true John Morgan. This YOUTUBE video also shows the gross disrespect you have for Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd who, in my opinion, is the foremost fighter against child pornograph and sexual predators in our state, if not the country.

Mr. Morgan, it is YOU who made the statement:

“I’m just scared sh*tless of Grady Judd.” Sir, what are you scared of that we should know?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=82&v=k2NnWUVp0r0  Below is the YOUTUBE video posting published on September 4, 2014.



John Morgan, the primary fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist 2014 and slated Attorney General for FL goes on a curse word filled drunken rant for medical marijuana. Morgan was also a major fundraiser for President Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Bill Clinton and is the boss of former Gov. Charlie Crist. Morgan has taking the reins of a Florida medical marijuana initiative, promising to pump major money and political muscle into the popular issue. Morgan, a top Florida trial lawyer based in Orlando, said he's ready to tap a network of donors and his personal bank account to get the measure in front of voters in 2014 as a proposed constitutional amendment.

"I can get the money. I have the money. I will be joined by people with money who will help," Morgan said. "I've been very fortunate in life, and I can make it happen." ---End of YOUTUBE posting.

Mr. Morgan, as you boastfully flaunt your money, I guess you can make things happen for those who are weak-minded or under the influence of illegals drugs and especially the gateway drug marijuana. But what do you care. In that YOUTUBE video according to your own admission, I interpret your words that you personally smoke marijuana. And if you smoke it, where is this Florida Bar attorney obtaining his marijuana from? And if this Florida Bar attorney has publicly admitted smoking marijuana, doesn’t that show YOU have been in possession of an illegal drug? Please sir, do help me to understand the law!

But please keep this information in mind when YOU personally bash members of our local law enforcement community; yes! the men and women who put on the uniform every damn day in a society that seems to get more hostile by the minute.

RE: Recent Shootings of Central Florida Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

Deputy Brandon Coates

Deputy Barbara Ann Pill

Deputy Jonathan S. Pine

Officer Robert German

Brandon Lyals


Marijuana in his system

Brandon Bradley

Found Guilty of

1st Degree Murder

Marijuana in his system

Benjamin Holtermann


Marijuana in his system

Brandon Goode


Marijuana in his system

“The men responsible for the recent deaths of our Central Florida police officers had the gateway drug marijuana in their system. So try telling the victim’s spouses, children, and other family members that people don’t become violent under the influence of marijuana.”

Furthermore, our very lives are at stake. In states that have passed marijuana usage laws whether for medical or recreational purposes, at least 12% of the highway deaths were directly related to people under the influence of marijuana. Yeah, YOU have to be ignorant or have your head in the sand to think that a person under the effects of marijuana isn't’ likely to kill.

Mr. Morgan, just for a moment, please ponder over the photographs of the suspects and our Fallen Heros. Do you still wanna smoke a joint? Or are you still fictitiously scared sh*tless?

The Tragic Death of Lamar Hawkins, III

Image result for lamar hawkins iii

Lamar Hawkins, III                      Smith & Wesson M&P .40           Lamar + Gun = DCF Investigation

Mr. Morgan, as long as you have been an attorney, your experience of reading people’s body language and mannerism should have conveyed to you that the suicide of Lamar Hawkins, III, at Greenwood Lakes Middle School with his father’s .40 caliber handgun was not as a result of school bullying. Putting your son, attorney Matt Morgan, Esq., out there in an attempt to hoodwink the public by blaming school administrators as well as the Seminole County School Board was as low as you could go. Not even the reputation of your youngest son means a damn to you. 

But you didn’t fool me and you didn’t fool the Seminole County State Attorney’s Office!

The Fix Is On: Attorney Matt Morgan, Esq., of Morgan & Morgan with Lamar Hawkins’ parents holds a news conference aimed at putting a spin on the 14-year-old’s suicide.

With as much righteous indignation as I can convey in this letter, you and your law firm owes Greenwood Lakes Middle School administrators as well as the Seminole County School Board a heartfelt apology. But my 56 years of experience in life, in reading wealthy, obnoxious and self-serving individuals, tells me that you do not possess such a humble trait.

Attorney Matt Morgan, Esq., of Morgan & Morgan holds news conference with Lamar Hawkins’ family who was joined by the mother of Rebecca Sedwick. Both families believe or allege that Lamar and Rebecca took their lives because of school bullying.

Rebecca Sedwick Was Bullied Into Committing Suicide Says Her Mother

12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick is believed to have taken her own life by jumping off a cement silo in Lakeland, Florida on September 9, 2013. less than a mile from her home. Her body was found the next morning.

Mr. Morgan, most respectfully, I don’t make accusations that I cannot substantiate. Below is the proof of the deception that my gut instinct tells me that your Morgan & Morgan law firm was complicit in.

Full Definition of COMPLICITY

1:  association or participation in or as if in a wrongful act

2:  an instance of complicity



collusion, connivance, conspiracy

Speaking for the first time since her son’s death, Shaniqua Hawkins stated, “The hopelessness was overwhelming, our hearts are broken, and our lives are forever changed. Shaq is gone.”

She explained, “ “Shaq was always so positive despite being tormented by bullies, but the bullies won because he took his life as a result of the abuse.”

Lamar’s mother said, “Despite constant attacks, he never let the bullies see him sweat, we now know that he was unable to continue his fight against the bullies. They won, because he took his life as a result.”

Lamar’s parents both said they had been contacting the school for years and would meet regularly with school officials about the bullying, “We made several attempts to put the school on notice there were bullies at school,” Hawkins stated.

But as we will learn, Lamar, “Shaq” being tormented by alleged school bullies was just a ploy to distract attention from who the real bully was.

9 Investigates: No bullying infractions reported at school where bullied student committed suicide

October 30, 2014

LAKE MARY, Fla. — Channel 9’s Tim Barber investigated bullying at a Seminole County middle school where a student committed suicide.

His parents might be surprised by what Barber found.

Lamar Hawkins' parents told Channel 9 they complained about bullying several times, so Barber requested the number of bullying infractions since 2011...

Then in September, Lamar Hawkins shot himself in the school's bathroom. Four days later, his parents blamed bullies.

"’Shaq’ was physically and emotionally abused while at school. Many students would be just downright cruel to him," said his mother, Shaniqua Hawkins, referring to him by his nickname.

But four years of records show there has only been two bullying infractions recorded at Greenwood Lakes.

No infractions have been recorded this year, although the Hawkins' said they complained about bullying several times. ---Tim Barber Reporter, WFTV Channel 9 Eyewitness News

Source: http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/9-investigates-no-bullying-infractions-reported-sc/nhwq2/

Mr. Morgan, Tim Barber’s investigation was just as I had expected. In fact, in a September 22, 2014 email to state and school officials I wrote:

“With no disrespect to Lamar's parents, and acknowledging that I haven't walked in their shoes, my gut instincts tells me that there is a cover-up taking place; especially in light of the statement from the Hawkins' family attorney:

'We are still investigating the facts leading up to this tragedy and I can tell you that Mr. Hawkins' firearm was stored with full compliance of Florida law,' said Matt Morgan, attorney for the Hawkins family.

Honorable Elected Officials, it was this spin that prompted me to write this letter. Fact: Lamar Hawkins III took his father's firearm from home and committed suicide at Greenwood Lakes Middle School by shooting himself in the head. What is not a fact at this point is whether Lamar's father firearm was stored with full compliance of Florida law. Also, it is not a fact that the alleged bullying by other students at Greenwood Lakes Middle School directly led to Lamar's suicide.

As a 55-year-old disabled veteran and former military policeman, from my life experience and expertise in being black, I believe that conditions in Lamar Hawkins III family environment led to his suicide. Black 14-year-old males rarely, if ever, shoot themselves in head...

I have studied the video and images of the Hawkins' family news conference. I am very disturbed by the silent of the 34-year-old father whose gun was used by his son to commit suicide. Mr. Hawkins' body language and demeanor suggests to me that he was very overbearing toward Lamar III. Also, as the head of the family, why did Mr. Hawkins not speak in the news conference and put all the burden on his wife to be strong? It is because Mr. Lamar Hawkins Sr. knows that his son's suicide lies at his feet.

Honorable Elected Officials, Lamar Hawkins III had a older twin sister named La'deja. Because a death took place as a result of a child having access to his father's handgun and that there is another 14-year-old child in the home, DCF should already be investigating this case and the safety of the other twin.” (See attached email)

And the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Seminole County State Attorney’s Office did investigate Lamar Hawkins’ death. And their finding was not surprising.

Consider the news report of WFTV Channel 9’s Mario Boone:

Feb. 25, 2015

No charges for parents of Seminole Co. teen who killed self at school

LAKE MARY, Fla. — A student's suicide at Greenwood Lakes Middle School in Lake Mary raised questions about bullying and campus safety, but new documents outline the teen's final days and how he got the gun he used to take his life.

Lamar Hawkins, 14, killed himself in a bathroom at the school in September.

Investigators began focusing on the boy's parents almost immediately, even though they told them their son was the victim of bullying.

A letter from 18th Circuit State Attorney Phil Archer said there's not enough evidence to charge Lamar's parents, Lamar Hawkins and Shaniqua Hawkins.

Court documents reveal the boy and two of his siblings had concerning marks on their bodies. The medical examiner also noted that the boy had multiple inflicted injuries that were in various stages of healing.

Both parents denied harming their children and prosecutors said there were no witnesses to the contrary.

Source: http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/no-charges-parents-lake-mary-teen-who-killed-self-/nkJgf/

Mr. Morgan, the court documents as well as the medical examiner’s report is confirmation that my gut instinct was right on target concerning the tragic death of Lamar Hawkins, III. The real bully was not some imaginary juvenile tormentor at Greenwood Lakes Middle School, but rather it was his father who no doubt beat and tormented his son to the point that little precious Lamar would take his tormentor’s .40 caliber handgun, put it to his head and squeeze the trigger.

And by doing it in school, Lamar was telling us that Greenwood Lakes Middle School was the only place where he felt safe; away from his father the relentless bully and child abuser.

Lamar Hawkins Sr..jpg

Lamar Hawkins Sr. the Real Bully and Child Abuser

In conclusion, this letter has been a real tear-jerker for me. It has not been about my criticism of you, your law firm, or your position on social issues.

But it has been about integrity and the stinging allegation of school bullying that your law firm allowed Lamar Hawkins’ parents to use as a ploy that ultimately hurt everyone associated with Greenwood Lakes Middle School. This complicit act of deception was beyond unconscionable.

Mr. Morgan, if I have offended you in anyway, I am man enough to apologize. God knows I have written this letter for the love of Lamar and for the children of Greenwood Lakes Middle School.

But I am not offended if you choose not to apologize for not truly being “For the People”. Yes! For not defending the silent voice of Lamar Hawkins, III, and his other remaining siblings.

Sir, I humbly boast that I do not have your wealth and can’t always make things happen. But my means of God’s Holy Spirit I have something that money can’t buy: Integrity!



Ezell Harris, Director

Floridians Monitoring Law Enforcement (FMLE)

Cell phone: 407.371.7363

Email: ezellharrisjr@gmail.com

Website: www.ocpsteacher.com

P.S. Although this is my personal opinion, the May 18, 2015 Orlando Sentinel news article below is just another confirmation of the corrupt practices of your law firm.  I am sure there are other Central Florida law firms out there getting kickbacks from physicians.

Nonetheless, Mr. Morgan, a law firm is only as good as the moral character of its attorneys.

And finally, please do consider the last news article concerning the failure of Butler & Hosch. There may be a lesson in that story for YOU!

Court: Disclose ties between law firm, doctors

  • An appeals court rules for the YMCA in asking Morgan & Morgan to reveal possible ties with doctors.

Source: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-morgan-morgan-doctor-disclosure-20150518-story.html

Court: Disclose ties between law firm, doctors

  • An appeals court rules for the YMCA in asking Morgan & Morgan to reveal possible ties with doctors.

In what it said started out as a "relatively routine trip-and-fall case," a state appeals court has backed the disclosure of information about possible ties between a prominent law firm and physicians who treated a woman for injuries. The ruling Friday by the 5th District Court of Appeal came in an Orange County case that started when Heather Worley fell in a YMCA parking lot. She later retained Morgan & Morgan P.A., which filed a negligence suit that included seeking costs of her treatment, according to the ruling.

That touched off a legal battle that focused, in part, on whether the law firm referred Worley to the physicians. The YMCA alleged the possibility of a "cozy agreement" between the law firm and physicians because of the high cost of Worley's medical bills, the ruling said. Worley objected, saying that requiring the disclosure of the requested information would violate attorney-client privilege.

A circuit judge, however, required the production of information about the possible relationship between Worley's physicians and attorneys, and the appeals court Friday rejected her attempt to overturn that decision. The appeals court indicated it thinks the Florida Supreme Court should take up the issue.

The News Service of Florida

Source: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-morgan-morgan-doctor-disclosure-20150518-story.html

The Real John B. Morgan, Esq. 
Published on Sep 4, 2014

John Morgan, the primary fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist 2014 and slated Attorney General for FL goes on a curse word filled drunken rant for medical marijuana. Morgan was also a major fundraiser for President Barack Obama, Harry Reed, and Bill Clinton and is the boss of former Gov. Charlie Crist. Morgan has taking the reins of a Florida medical marijuana initiative, promising to pump major money and political muscle into the popular issue. Morgan, a top Florida trial lawyer based in Orlando, said he's ready to tap a network of donors and his personal bank account to get the measure in front of voters in 2014 as a proposed constitutional amendment.

"I can get the money. I have the money. I will be joined by people with money who will help," Morgan said. "I've been very fortunate in life, and I can make it happen."

It could cost as much as $3.5 million to fund paid petition gatherers to collect the valid signatures of 683,149 Florida voters needed to get a measure on the ballot. An ad and absentee-ballot campaign could cost up to $10 million more.

Constitutional amendments need to be approved in Florida with 60 percent of the vote.
(Article segment by Marc Caputo, Tampa Bay Times - 3.16.13)

Legal Disclaimer: In the above YOUTUBE video attorney John Morgan, Esq., of Morgan & Morgan law firm admits that he is "f*ucked up" which I interpret to mean intoxicated, drunk; he never admits or alleges that he has ever smoked marijuana although he says that once he leaves Polk County he might smoke.

Exposed: Do you know the real John B. Morgan, Charlie Crist’s alter ego?


Many people do not know the real John B. Morgan, head of Morgan & Morgan legal firm in Orlando, FL. John B. Morgan is Charlie Crist’s boss and the power behind the Crist campaign. Charlie runs the Tampa office of Morgan & Morgan.

John Morgan and Charlie Crist are inextricably linked. Morgan supported Crist when he was a Republican governor, when he ran for the U.S. Senate as an Independent and now that he is running for governor as a Democrat.

So let’s take a quick look at the real John Morgan, the man behind the Florida marijuana legalization Amendment 2.

John Morgan – DUI and Police Battery:

In 1997, Morgan Was Arrested For Battery On A Police Officer. “Until his arrest last week in Casselberry for battery on a police officer, 1997 had been a very good year for Orlando attorney John B. Morgan.” (Lawrence Budd, “Attorney’s Arrest Has Batter Included,” Orlando Weekly, 12/18/97)

Morgan Was Pulled Over And Cited For A DUI. “But at about 3 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 10, Morgan and his red Cadillac were pulled over on S.R. 436 after pulling out of a Denny’s parking lot. Police say he swerved across lanes without signaling and stopped abruptly in the intersection with S.R. 17/92, after having traveled five feet past the white line marking a safe-stopping location. After the light changed, Morgan drove on, nearly clipping the curb, before using all three lanes to negotiate a curve, according to reports by Casselberry police. He was pulled over at Brewer Street and, after reportedly failing field sobriety tests, cited for driving under the influence.” (Lawrence Budd, “Attorney’s Arrest Has Batter Included,” Orlando Weekly, 12/18/97)

During The Arrest, Morgan Became “Enraged,” Hitting And Headbutting The Officer And Calling The Officer A “Fat Fucker” And “Baldy.” “But, according to the arresting officer, Morgan became enraged upon arriving at the Seminole County Jail, called the officer a “fat fucker” and “baldy,” twice headbutted him, and hit him in the face with his left hand.” (Lawrence Budd, “Attorney’s Arrest Has Batter Included,”Orlando Weekly, 12/18/97)

Morgan Was Charged With DUI, Failure To Provide Insurance, Two Other Traffic Violations, And Battery On A Police Officer. “So, in addition to charges of DUI, failure to provide insurance and two other minor traffic offenses, Morgan was charged with battery on a police officer, a third-degree felony calling for up to five years in prison.” (Lawrence Budd, “Attorney’s Arrest Has Batter Included,” Orlando Weekly, 12/18/97)

Morgan Pled Guilty To Drunken-Driving, Receiving A Year Probation, $500 Fine, And Having His License Suspended For Six Months, And Prosecutors Dropped The Battery Charge. “John Morgan, a personal injury attorney, has agreed to a plea deal in his drunken-driving case. Attorneys said Wednesday that Morgan would be sentenced to a year’s probation, fined $500 and give up his drivers license for six months. In return, prosecutors reduced the charge from a felony to misdemeanor and dropped a battery charge.” (“Lawyer Morgan Agrees To Plea Deal In DUI Case,” Orlando Sentinel, 1/29/98)

This Was Not Morgan’s First DUI Charge, Which Came In September 1993, When Morgan Pled Guilty To A Reduced Charge. “Then on Sept. 10, 1993, Morgan accepted a plea bargain reducing his charge to reckless driving. He paid a f $500 fine and agreed to serve 100 hours of community service or pay another $1,000. Perhaps more importantly, Morgan that time had escaped the public embarrassment of being convicted of DUI.” (Lawrence Budd, “Attorney’s Arrest Has Batter Included,” Orlando Weekly, 12/18/97)

In 1993, Morgan’s Attorney Filed 10 Motions And Attempted To Argue Alcohol Had Nothing To Do With The Two Car Accident, After Morgan Registered A 0.134 On A Breathalyzer. “In 1993, Hyman filed more than 10 motions contesting Morgan’s arrest for DUI after a minor two-car accident in Altamonte Springs. Morgan said he was ‘distracted by his car phone,’ according to the report. But after failing field tests, he registered 0.134 on the Breathalyzer.” (Lawrence Budd, “Attorney’s Arrest Has Batter Included,” Orlando Weekly, 12/18/97)

Source: http://drrichswier.com/2014/09/03/know-real-john-morgan-charlies-crists-alter-ego/